Afghanistan: the story of Colonel Saffi

The roadmap of the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan is not set in stone yet. The Afghan security forces are expected to be capable of keeping peace in the country but the lack of resources and the high desertion rates are making the army weak and divided. Correspondents of Atlatszo.hu found that on the one hand desertion is not sanctioned at all, on the other hand private military contractors and the Taliban militants offer higher pay rates than the Afghan army. Soldiers are also demoralized over the attacks from the Taliban and other opposition forces against Afghan soldiers and policemen – insurgents call their targets “traitors”.

Our correspondents travelled in Baghlan Province from the camp in Pol-e Khumri to the camp in Khilagay village with the help of Hungarian soldiers. During their trip Atlatszo.hu’s journalists made an interview with commander Colonel Saffi at his residence surrounded by a surreal rose garden in the middle of the Afghan desert.

Read the story (Hungarian) and watch our video interview in English (with Hungarian subtitles) here.