Yet Another Tax Authority Official Blows the Whistle

The Hungarian Tax Office’s (NAV) special cases unit, the Tax Directorate for Priority Affairs has been systematically disbanded from within, by its upper management – says István Vancsura, former Head of Department at NAV. Vancsura has been providing information to atlatszo.hu regarding the anomalies he experienced in relation to the tax office’s top management but he only revealed his identity now. He claims that the management of the Tax Directorate for Priority Affairs intentionally withheld investigation orders filed by tax inspectors at NAV. The claims support a report by former tax inspector András Horváth who stated that the sum of illegally evaded VAT and illegally reimbursed VAT in Hungary equals to 5-6 % of the country’s GDP.

The original article was posted in Hungarian on 27 March 2014.
Editing by Orsolya Gulyás.