We released the Motion Picture Public Foundation audit report

Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation had been closed by a government decree in March 2012. The state owned  Foundation was responsible for financing and subsidizing the film industry in the last two decades, and has undergone an audit about its organizational, economical and legal operations in 2010, which concluded that several billion HUF has been wasted or spent in illegal or semi-legal ways. The full audit was never published, only a summary was officially  released  (Hungarian, PDF). We obtained the whole report through our MagyarLeaks whistleblowing service. We released the anonimized report detailing the Foundation’s irresponsible public funds spending. Full Article (HU)

2005-2009 audit report, part 1. (Hungarian, PDF)

2005-2009 audit report, part 2. (Hungarian, PDF)

2005-2009 audit report, attachments (Hungarian, PDF)

Legal audit report about the Foundation’s contracts (Hungarian, PDF)

Comments on legal audit report (Hungarian, PDF)