Hungarian Post’s contract cannot be fully published

Atlatszo.hu filed a freedom of information request to the Hungarian Post to learn about their contract with Théma Lapkiadó Zrt which came to effect this January. According to the contract Post employees deliver the rightist free weekly newspaper owned by Tamás Vitézy, Orban-related businessman to the homes of several city’s residents. We obtained the contract but the most relevant information about delivery costs per pieces were blurred out. We sued the Post but Budapest Tribunal’s this week verdict pointed out the respondents reasoning about their trade secrets. We think that in a case where a state company is in a contractual relation with the Prime Minister’s friend’s publisher house, public interest is preferred to trade secret rights. We appeal to the Metropolitan Regional Court.

Read the blurred contract between Magyar Posta Zrt and Théma Lapkiadó Kft (Hungarian, PDF)

First decree verdict of Budapest Tribunal (Hungarian, PDF)