Shantytown to be destroyed to help property investment

Some 45-50 people living in their makeshift shacks in the abandoned woods alongside Fehér út and Terebesi út were called upon to leave their homes at short notice. Some of the residents who have been living in their shanties for decades have built up self-supporting farms, while some try to make their living from collecting and selling scrap-iron. Residents told us that social workers from the Red Cross and Baptists informed them about the eviction and offered places in their shelters. Civil rights movement Város Mindenkié criticized the forced eviction for being illegal and that people will be provided with worse housing then the existing. State funds are granted after clients, that made social organisations financially interested in the eviction, officially denied rumours say. Our investigation has shown that social workers were asked to “solve this problem” by the 10th district municipality to help a property investment. As deputy major Tibor Weber informed us, investor Sidi Group’s plans to build 900 apartments, offices and some recreational areas are now in an advanced stage of authorization. Civil rights protests and increased media attention may have prolonged the eviction which now seems to be driven in a lawful and negotiated procedure.

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