Viktor Orban’s football academy grows permanently

Ferenc Puskas Football Academy, run by Viktor Orban’s foundation and located next to the assets belonging to the Prime Minister’s family in his native village Felcsút acquired new lands and properties earlier this year – átlátszó.hu revealed. The foundation acquired approximately six hectares of lands, partly from the local municipality, partly from private owners. These are mainly lands  which were anyway used by the football academy, since either the local council or private persons let the academy use the lands.

Around 1,5 hectares were bought in May from the local municipality which earlier gave the lands to the academy for use for 50 years. The local council has a  majority of Fidesz delegates. Another  part of the land was in the hands of Tamás Flier, business partner of the PM’s wife, who won the lands on a controversial and classified state tender.  Flier’s 2.2 hectare land was also used by the academy recently as a football field. According to the documents we obtained the academy paid 150 million HUF for the municipality’s 1.5 hectare  asset but it is still a secret how much money went to Flier’s and an unknown third party’s hands. The remaining 2.3 hectare land bought by the academy was owned by   unknown persons.

As our map shows, the still growing assets of the football academy are situated around the home of Viktor Orban.

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