„Lődd agyon és kezdd elölről” – titkosszolgálati szlengszótár a Stratfortól

A WikiLeaks hétfőn megkezdte a texasi székhelyű Stratfor Inc. biztonságpolitikai elemzőintézet évekre visszanyúló belső levelezése, több mint ötmillió email közzétételét. Az emaileket feltehetően az Anonymous hakcercsoport szerezte meg még tavaly, amikor feltörték a sokak által árnyék-titkosszolgálatnak tartott stratégiai tanácsadó magáncég informatikai rendszerét.

A Stratfor ügyfelei között szerepel az amerikai védelmi minisztérium, több kormányzati szervezet, biztonsági vállalat és médiaügynökség, továbbá az ENSZ néhány intézménye, illetve számos tekintélyes pénzintézet is. A WikiLeaks alapítója, Julian Assange szerint a Stratfor „egy hírszerzési magáncég, amely az amerikai kormánytól és kétes hírű külföldi hírszerző ügynökségektől, illetve újságíróktól kapott információkra támaszkodik” elemzéseiben. A Stratfor közleményben ítélte el a kiszivárogtatást, és azt állítja hogy „egyes elektronikus üzenetek hitelesek lehetnek, másokat viszont meghamisíthattak vagy megváltoztathattak, ezért a Stratfor elzárkózik attól, hogy hitelesítse azokat, vagy megmagyarázza azok tartalmát.”

Az első dokumentum, amit a WikiLeaks a gazdag zsákmányból kiszivárogtatott, a Stratfor belső használatra készült hírszerzési szlengszótára, a „használható, zavarbaejtő és különös hírszerzési szakkifejezések Stratfor szószedete” volt, amelyet állítólag maga a cégvezető, George Friedman állított össze. A szótárhoz fűzött magyarázat szerint „Minden szakmának és iparágnak saját szótára van […] Ezek a mi szakkifejezéseink.”

A Stratfor szakszótára egyfelől túl vicces ahhoz, hogy véresen komolyan lehessen venni, másfelől dermesztő cinizmusról tanúskodik például a forráskezelés és a forrásvédelem területén, és alátámasztani látszik a külföldi újságírókat is lefizető „elemzőcég” kvázi-titkosszolgálati szerepét. Az alábbiakban ebből csemegézünk angolul, mert a nyelvi lelemény fordításban visszaadhatatlan.

A Stratfor a hivatalos titkosszolgálatokról és rendőri szervekről

ATF Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms.  Rednecks with a license to kill.  Never, ever, ever ask for their help on anything.


CIA Central Intelligence Agency. Also called “Langley” or “up river.” Owns human intelligence (directorate of operations) and analysis (directorate of intelligence).  Director, CIA is supposed to oversee all of the intelligence community.  Isn’t that a joke?  Imagine the Post Office with a foreign policy.


DIA Defense Intelligence Agency. Also called “down river” Owns military intelligence, sort of.  Its basic job is to justify increased defense budgets. These guys actually try to run agents.   Oy vey.


FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka the Downtown Gang.  Very good a breaking up used car rings.  Kind of confused on anything more complicated.  Fun to jerk with.  Not fun when they jerk back.


JTTF Joint Terrorism Task Force, an inter-agency group created to completely confuse all conceivable issues related to terrorism in a variety of metropolitan areas.


NRO National Reconnaissance Office.  Owns Imint along with whatever NIMA is being called this week.  They all sort of hang out at Ft. Belvoir and a few non-descript but incredibly expensive buildings around DC.  Mostly out to lunch.


NSA National Security Agency.  Also called The Fort.  Owns Sigint and Elint.  Completely out of control.  It is so compartmentalized they refer to other offices as B1 or D8 and genuinely don’t know what anyone else does.


Secret Service They catch counterfeiters, break up child pornography rings and guard the president.  Continual identity crisis.  Very nice people.  Not, shall we say, the most sophisticated crew you’ll ever find.


A Stratfor a külföldi titkosszolgálatokról

Cousins British intelligence


Fucking French Fucking French


KGB What we call Russian intelligence no matter how often they rename themselves.


Duplicitous little bastards Israeli Intelligence


A Stratfor a hírszerzőmunkáról

Barium Meal When there is a leak, feed bits of radioactive (traceable, false) information to suspects. See which bit leaks. You will know who leaked it. The leaker will know you know. Livens up a dull day like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Bring the kids.


Burning Bridges If an operation is being compromised, a plan called Burning Bridges must be activated.  You burn bridges by cutting the links in your operational chain, so that none of the parts can find each other again.  Effective, low-cost way to divorce your spouse.


Clandestine Operation that has no open connection to anyone.   Israeli maxim:  “If you’re captured, we don’t know you.  If you’re killed, we won’t bury you.  So…don’t get captured and don’t get killed.”  Clandestine is synonymous with suicidal.


Covert Operations Two uses.  One is the collection of information without letting the world know it is being collected.  The other is active political action designed to achieve certain ends.  It’s the difference between intelligence and solutions. Or the difference between knowing what Castro is doing and the Bay of Pigs.


Deniability Some ops are too ugly to be owned.  They need deniability. The craft teaches the means of deniability. Not having deniability is like tightrope walking without a net. It can be done—for a while. Then they scrape you up with a spatula.


Drop A way, physical or digital, for two people who don’t know each other to pass information and instructions back and forth.  Key to Burning Bridges.


Imint Imagery Intelligence:  pictures, from satellite photos of missile silos to snapshots of your ex with a kangaroo.  Hard to get, harder to exploit.  Probably avoid, except for the entertainment value.


Interrogation Key Craft. Most interrogations occur without the subject knowing they were interrogated.  Interrogations need careful planning as to both personnel and queries.  Hardest part of an interrogation:  remembering what the subject said the next morning.


Mole Someone planted in your organization to gather information and screw up the works.  Moles are real and the more active we get, the more we attract them.  That’s why code names and compartmentalization are so important. We’re watching YOU.


Photo Opportunity Chance to get information or compromising information on a target or source.  Includes all sorts of electronic recording.


Rigorous interrogation Subject definitely aware that he is being interrogated.  Not part of business intelligence operations unless extremely high budget


Safe house A place to go where no one, not even your wife, will suspect that you are.  Good place for rigorous interrogations.  Soundproofing, for all uses, is essential.


Sleeper A positioned agent, too valuable to use until a high value event requires that he be activated.  With luck, he gets so valuable, he is never used, but his Swiss Bank Account grows and grows and…


Smiley A man who is much smarter than he looks.  He’s schooling you all the time you thought you were doing him.  From John LeCarre’s George Smiley.  Never screw with a Smiley.  If a man looks too dumb to reproduce, first check his Smiley quotient.


Swallow From the Soviets.  A young lady (or gentleman) of a certain level of attractiveness whose job it is to entertain potential sources while artistic photographs are taken.  Make sure that the target gives a shit what his wife thinks.  Otherwise, you’ve just given the SOB a night to remember and nothing else.


A Stratfor az ügyfeleiről

CIA Appetite/Botswana budget A customer with limited resources asking for enormous amounts of intelligence. Defines most of Stratfor’s customers.


Clancy Somebody who has read a lot of Tom Clancy novels and thinks he knows the Craft.  Total moron.  Really dangerous if he is the Customer.  Never let a Briefer be a Clancy.


Customer/Consumer The real user of intelligence.  A decision maker who uses the intelligence to make real decisions.  Also the one who decides to blame intelligence when his stupid plans blow up in his face.  Must be kept happy at all times until he is executed.  Avoiding being executed with him is a key part of the Craft.


A Stratfor az információforrásairól

Businessman A source that does what he does for money.  Businessmen will sell out to the highest bidder so are considered temporary employees.  You must find a way to make them scared shitless of you.  A high SS quotient is the foundation of a warm, lasting relationship with a Businessman.


Coerced source Someone who is a source because you have him by the balls.  The most rare and prized variety of source. The key here is to make sure that the source thinks that working for you makes more sense than shooting you. Keep an extremely close eye on changing moods.


Contractor A source that has been placed under contract by the intelligence organization.  The contract spells out what he gets, when he gets it, what he must deliver, and where he will find various parts of his body if he jerks you around.  The contractor can work for $50 a month or $5 million a year.  Contractors are never covered by health insurance.


Honest source Someone who, once bribed, actually delivers the goods.  Very rare.  Must be preserved if found.


Loving a source Never fall in love with a source.  Tougher to say than do.  The source is me.  I am my source.  He would never lie to me. He will never become useless.  He will never betray me.  Yeah.  Sure.


Going Native Dread of all Intelligence Officers.  A Case Officer is managing sources in a guerrilla movement.  The CO falls in love with a beautiful guerrilla and decides to join in the just struggle of the oppressed masses.  Going Native sucks.  One part of the Portfolio Audit is taking the temperature of the Case Officer.  Occupational disease with very bad prognosis. Best known argument for euthanasia.


Patriot A source who is betraying his country for ideological, religious, patriotic or other unreliable beliefs.  Very dangerous person.  He could change his mind.


Rattle his cage. Scaring the living shit out of a source in order to get a read on whether he is jerking you around


Source–burnt A source that was blown in the process of being used.  Every source gets burnt.  The Craft is in the how and when.  They’re all dead men boys; make ‘em count.


Source–doubled A source you think is working for you that is really working for someone else


Source-tripled A source who you know is working for you even though the other side thinks they’ve doubled him


Source-quardrupled A source who you think is working for you who is actually working for the other side, even though you knew he was working for the other side…. Too fucked up to think about.  Shoot the bastard and start over again.


Squeeze a source All sources need to be squeezed.  The means of squeezing the source is making threats.  Showing 5×7 glossies of certain unfortunate incidents to his wife is one way to squeeze him.  A Case Officer must always have the means for squeezing a source.


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