Hitler-praising film company contracted to show social housing ‘success’

Social housing project aimed to help people with collapsed mortgages cost 2.7 billion HUF, Interior Ministry’s Disaster Management Office told atlatszo.hu. The data obtained through our FOIA request shows that the construction of 80 houses (only 39 yet inhabited) means a very price of 34 million each, while the average price of a rural family house costs an average 8-9 million. It is still a question, how could this project be a real help for the tens of thousands who suffered collapsed mortgages.

To prove the project’s successes, Public Media Asset Management Fund (MTVA) contracted Dextramedia to shoot a 5 episodes documentary piece on the story. The films were aired on M1, main state tv channel.

Dextramedia is known as the producer of N1, a far-right internet tv. They were the ones to become infamous by praising Adolf Hitler on his birthday in one of their shows. The company which previously got 122 million HUF from MTVA uses the same domain as the far-right organisation Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom and György Gyula Zagyva, Jobbik’s MP. Dextramedia is co-owned by Zoltán Moys, son-in-law of Sándor Lezsák, vice-president of the Parliament, MP of governing Fidesz party.

Read the original Hungarian language post here (05 December 2013).