Donate now: we are fundraising for Hungary’s first bribe-tracker

Hungarian investigative journalism news site and anti-corruption watchdog atlatszo.hu is raising $4500 (1 million Hungarian forints) in order to launch Hungary’s first bribe-tracker website fizettem.hu (“I paid it”). Donate now.

Why should you help us?

Unfortunately, bribery is a common phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe. Hungarians pay bribes to doctors, policemen, officials, or even to driving test examiners, the list is endless. Hungary even made it to the BBC’s “corruption dictionary” with the infamous Nokia box ‒ 15 million Hungarian forints ($65,000) worth of bribe fits in the cell phone’s box. According to the Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer, 48% of the Hungarian respondents strongly agree that ordinary people can make a difference in the fight against corruption. We are also certain that our readers and supporters can help us make a difference by donating $17 (or 13 EUR) to our project. If 250 people do that, we will reach the goal!

Send your donation via wire transfer to atlatszo.hu Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.’s account IBAN: HU03 1620 0216 0014 1891 0000 0000 SWIFT: HBWEHUHB at MagNet Hungarian Community Bank. Please indicate in the info field that you are donating for “fizettem.hu”. You can also donate using PayPal, send your donation to [email protected], don’t forget to indicate that you are sending your donation for the “fizettem.hu” project.

The impact

Fizettem.hu will be the localized version of ipaidabribe.com. It will let its users publish anonymous stories of bribes paid. We will use computer assisted anonymization before publishing the stories that feature the category, place and the amount of the bribe paid. We will also collect stories of refused bribes. The aim of the project is to make the Hungarian society more transparent and start a public debate on ordinary corruption that affects our everyday lives ‒ and our budget as well.

Sharing helps!

We are raising donations in the next two weeks. Please share the link to this page or the link to our Facebook page where we publish updates about how far we are from reaching the $4500 goal.