Another 120 million HUF granted to Kálomista

Gábor Kálomista producer’s interests gained the same amount of public money since 2010 than they got in the previous 12 years. Megafilm Kft., Megafilm Service Kft. and Hungaricom Kft. is owned by Gábor Kálomista and his wife. The firms have gained 2,764 billion HUF public funds between 1998-2012, and they have almost doubled their benefits in the last two and a half years by a very 2,722 billion HUF subsidy since 2010. The last subsidy given to Megafilm Kft. was a 120 million sponsorship by the Media Council for the shooting of A Galamb Papné, directed by László Vitézy, Kálomista’s regular partner, also known as Viktor Orbán’s relative. The Kálomista enterprise is regularly sponsored by the Film Fund, ministries and the public media as well.

The original article in Hungarian was published on 21 June 2013.