Government promotes its ‘successes’ for 256 million HUF

The one-month-long ‘Hungary does it better’ campaign of the Government costed 256,7 million HUF. The campaign covered all of the biggest online and print news outlets and flooded the country with citylight posters and billboards. The so-called ‘Government-Information’ ads were financed by public funds and ran from 25th March until 30th April 2013. The project was part of the Government’s 550 million HUF contract for communication services with I.M.G. Media Group, a company with close ties to governing party Fidesz. According to the information obtained via our FOIA request, the creative works of the campaign costed almost 22 million HUF and the media sales costed an estimated 231,5 million. Biggest sums were spent at government-leaning newspapers and online sites, but most of the money went on outdoor posters.

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