Golden Team: Good relations lead to tax credits

A Budapest-based foundation focusing mainly on the development of young talents from the age of 3 to 6 received a 184 million HUF worth of financial support in the form of tax credits. Ovi-Foci Alapítvány (Kindergarten Football Foundation) was founded by Jenő Buzánszky, a member of Hungary’s “Golden Team”. The organization contracted the Debrecen-based company Globál Sport Kft. for the construction artificial turf pitches.

The problem starts with the fact that the president of the foundation, Andrea Molnár is a member to Globál Sport as well; her home address is the same as the company’s registered office address. In addition to this, the contracts on the construction of pitches were apparently drafted by a vice director at the National Sport Institute’s department responsible for handling tax credit applications. Globál Sport was also contracted earlier to construct pitches in Felcsút for the Ferenc Puskás Academy which serves as a good reference in Hungary. Felcsút is the native village of the current Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán; the village is receiving generous support in the form of tax credits.

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