Oligarchopedia: Zsolt Nyerges

One of today’s most influential oligarch started his carrier as a lawyer in the early ‘90s with personal links to Fidesz. Until 1999 Nyerges was only known as an attorney, his most public case was defending Zoltán Kun, the Fidesz-related Axon group’s CEO. The story ended up in former Szolnok major Attila Várhegyi’s conviction for misappropriation. During Lajos Simicska’s leadership in the Tax and Financial Control Administration in the first Orban-regime, Nyerges appeared in a small Szolnok-based firm which got billion-worth assets using the help of Postabank and Hungarian Development Bank. This asset went to Közgép, the most powerful construction company of nowadays. The company’s star started rising in the early 2000’s. The Lajos Simicska owned Közgép, which has Nyerges as its CEO, made an incomparable success in winning more and more state contracts during the right and left-wing eras as well. The Simicska-Nyerges network has a wide portfolio from advertisement companies to construction firms and it became exclusively favoured from 2010 with the government’s admitted support. Full Article (HU)

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