Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund ignores FOIA requests

Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), the government body in charge of the financial management of the state owned, public service media channels, responsible for the budget of public service broadcasts has never answered FOIA requests in the last years. Citizens or journalists who keep requesting data or contracts in public interest through our KiMitTud request generator service or mail still were being ignored; only 3 out of some 16 requests had been answered. Two were forced to obtain by a lawsuit, and one answer was leaked through our Magyarleaks whistleblowing service. Many of the requests concerns sticky issues such as contracts between the fund and Fidesz-related companies, tenders of unsuccessful programmes, one is about a tender which allowed the relocation of a demonstration in front of the MTVA headquaters, and one about the costs of corporate image changes. Therefore atlatszo.hu launched multiple lawsuits against the state owned institution. Full Article (HU)