Oligarchopedia: Gordon Bajnai

Gordon Bajnai, former Prime Minister of the 2009-2010 period and leader of the recently announced ‘Együtt 2014’ (Together 2014) alliance is not wealthy enough to be a true oligarch but ran the same carrier as they did. Bajnai used to work together with the ten-years-later Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany at consulting companies Eurocorp and Creditum in the early ‘90s. In the next 5 years he could keep his eyes on the privatisations of giant state companies at CA-IB Rt. as a managing director and deputy-CEO of András Simor, current president of the Hungarian Central Bank. Wallis investment group, a company with plenty of political connections from both sides had Bajnai as a CEO which he left for managing Budapest Airport’s privatization as a CEO, then becoming the leader of the newly founded National Development Agency. Refreshing his first acquaintances with politics before his entrepreneurial carrier, Bajnai became the Minister of Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in 2007. In May 2008, he took over the newly-formed Ministry of National Development and Economy. Bajnai was involved in tax-evading offshore companies registered on Cyprus, and played a role in the case of Dataplex Ltd., in the tragically ended Hajdú-Bét story, and the planned constructions of the Sávoly-based Moto GP track.

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