Simicska purchased Sárvár lands from Torocskei

Lajos Simicska, a businessman with close ties to governing party Fidesz purchased lands for 14.5 million HUF in the West-Hungary area around Sárvár from István Töröcskei, CEO of the Government Debt Management Agency, according to public records of Sárvár municipality. Sárvár seems to be a rising territory of Fidesz-related businessmen’s interests, as signs like growing assets of Sárvári Mezőgazdasági Zrt, MEZORT  Zrt, MEZO Zrt, Sárvári Vadkert Zrt and the cancelling of the airport construction at Vát village may deduce. Sárvár-based Holiday Inn Hotel was also the home of this September’s cabinet meeting. Töröcskei and Simicska are both central figures in our recently published state capture list.