Family close to the Orbans got the biggest land lease in Fejér County

Eszter Tiborcz, Fejér County-based entrepreneur won the biggest land lease on the controversial and classified tenders by gaining a 157 hectare big plough-land. Although the lands officially belong to Bicske, they are only at an arm’s reach from the Tiborcz family’s horse ranch, guesthouse and planned recreation centre in the village of Csabdi. Eszter Tiborcz refused our interview requests about her application but looking at her family’s relations to the Orbans and Fidesz seem to explain the reasons. Eszter’s brother István Tiborcz is a member of board at Közgép’s affiliated company E-OS Innovatív Zrt. He is often mentioned as Rahel Orban, daughter of the Prime Minister’s boyfriend. Eszter Tiborcz has an other brother, Péter who used to be the president of Fejér County’s general assembly between 2006-2010. Péter is now working as a counsellor at the Ministry of National Development, specialised in energetic issues.

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