Atlatszo.hu wins Breaking Borders award on its 1st birthday

We are proud to announce that Atlatszo.hu is one of the winners of the Breaking Borders award. The Google sponsored Global Voices Online award honours projects working for free speech on the internet. This year’s winners were two young organisations: Mamfakinch.com from Morocco and Atlatszo.hu from Hungary.

Atlatszo.hu is very thankful to the Global Voices Online community, especially to our core member and GV blogger Marietta Le. This time is also very special for us, because Atlatszo.hu was launched exactly one year before the GV summit and award ceremony in Kenya.

Díjat kaptunk Nairobiban from atlatszo.hu on Vimeo.

Our aim is to create a watchdog organisation that strengthens citizen’s rights of information. Our tools are civil activism, investigative journalism, freedom of information requests and taking legal actions if needed. Our biggest success was the Hungarian Parliament’s approval of the amendment of the so called ‘media constitution’ which provides higher protection for journalist’s sources. The verdict was resulted by our appeal to the Constituional Court right after the Police seized our hard drive in an investigation for our sources. We leaked the winning but secret application for theatre’s directorship by a far-right director, a document that proofs the rumours about Fidesz-related construction giant Közgép and we launched a FOIA request service to help citizens gain data from authorities. We published investigations about the land leasing scandals related to the prime minister’s family, the story of Malév airline’s bankruptcy, contruction giant’s bankruptcy which left behind billions of debt and many more. We’ve also won lawsuits over governmental and municipality organisations.

It is also important to note, that we do not accept money from state or municipality organisations, politicians, or companies which ownership is not clear. We do accept funds from our readers and or independent organisations to make this site as self-supporting and transparent as possible. We also have a strong and active volunteer group that also deserves a big thank you.