Mrs Orban’s business partner is the biggest land lease winner in Felcsút

The co-owner of Aniko Levai’s land fields, Janos Flier and his family won 377 hectares national property to lease. The 377 hectares is the tenfold of the national average – the tender was classified for ten years. Levai and Janos Flier own the field in Bicske jointly and now the Flier-family took it all in Felcsút, in the prime minister’s native village. Flier is Levai’s constant business partner: they buy, sell and exchange lands since years. Levai is the wife of Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary.

According to the locals, Flier also cultivates the Levai-fields. Atlatszo.hu asked Janos Flier if this is true, but Flier declined to comment. Aniko Levai notes in her declaration of assets in every year that she’s not the one who takes the agricultural subsidies for her fields but the beneficial owners and users. Levai owns 80 hectares in Bicske and Felcsút but there is not a single note about the beneficial owner on official records, however she is obliged by the law to make a statement.

The wife of Janos Flier is the local chairman of Fidesz and she was running for the mayor’s office in 2010 – she lost the elections by a few votes. Their daughter Nikolett Junek has a job in the Ministry of Rural Development and she won 88 hectares of fields on the land-leasing tender. Janos Flier is also a direct owner of the agricultural company called Herceghalmi Kísérleti Gazdaság Co. (HKG), which was privatized by the first Orban-cabinet.

Aniko Levai is also connected to HKG. Flier’s co-owner, Sandor Bognar sold her more than 50 hectares of land at a reasonable price, only ten days after the privatization. Levai bought the land for a hundred thousand hungarian forints per hectare while Bognar – at that time the CEO of HKG – offered for local people the same land three hundred thousand forints per hectare.