CEO of MVM was subcontracted by suspicious offshore company

Leaked documents prove that current CEO of state owned electricity provider MVM Zrt., Csaba Baji was subcontracted by a Spanish company involved in the MVM offshore money laundering case, currently being investigated by Hungarian police. Baji’s private company, B.Cs. Kontroll Zrt. invoiced 4.000 euro/month to Puerto 2006 s.l. between 2007 and 2010. Puerto 2006 s.l. is controlled by András Szász, who was a consultant to István Kocsis, former CEO of MVM Zrt. at the time of the suspicious offshore contracts: MVM paid 460.000 euro advance to Puerto 2006 s.l. based on a consultancy contract, what yielded nothing to the state owned company. National Bureau of Investigation suspects five former MVM officials of missapropriation, among them István Kocsis and András Szász.

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