Football fraudster’s alleged political connections

Barna Kása, main character of a criminal case before the Kecskemét court and his team of three were canvassing in the name of fictional or abused football teams. The accused Kása was referring to letters of recommendations which he got with different tricks for his operations and he also managed to get a signed letter of Kofi Annan former Secretary-General of the United Nations. An accused member of another criminal case in Kecskemét confessed that he lent money to Kása which he gave to hungarian politicians. Kása’s confessed his political connections, such as Ferenc Gyurcsány former prime minister, László Keller and György Szilvásy former Minister of Secret Services and Gábor Fodor from the late liberal party, but did not prove his accusations. According to his confessions his partner, István K. used to be a Secret Services general with high level relations to the socialist party. Our investigations has shown that Kása and a man named István Kerekes worked together in many companies. Kerekes had other business relations with people linked to György Szilvásy and accused perpetrators of Eclipse Zrt’s huge tax evasion case, and the so-called ‘spy-case’ of the former minister.