Emerging Orbania around Archduke Joseph’s mayor at Alcsútdoboz

As atlatszo.hu’s reports have showed that the lands around Felcsút, native village of Viktor Orbán and neighbouring town Alcsútdoboz became assets or rents of Anikó Lévai, Orban’s wife and Lőrinc Mészáros, mayor of Felcsút. Latest rumours say that the former center of Archduke Joseph’s mayor, Alcsútdoboz- Hatvanpuszta which is owned by the Prime Minister’s father and rented by Lőrinc Mészáros is under reconstruction to be a dacha for the Orbán family. Mészáros informed us, that only preservation works are in progress, but now anyone can see the loft conversions in the attic of the 200 years old buildings.

Not only the 300 square-meter big historic building seems to be an important spot of the emerging Orbania. Last week we reported about and old farmhold called Göböljárás which resident’s life became untenable by Mészáros, who forced them to liquidate all their plants and livestock. After publishing our video about the evolved situation a new fold has been built in a few days next to Hatvanpuszta and all of Mészáros’s few hundred cows were settled there from the ones he built on the place of the former Göbölpuszta plantations.

Also a 21 square-meter big forest belt around Mészáros’s land got into Fidesz-related hands. According to the law forests cannot be given into land lease, but a company called VADEX Zrt. which is owned by the Hungarian Development Bank and has Attila Nyerges in its supervisory board got the permission to use it. Nyerges is the CEO of Közgép Zrt which is owned by Lajos Simicska, Fidesz-related oligarch and wins billions of public funds on national tenders. Attila’s brother Zsolt works hand in hand with Lászlóné Németh, minister of national development. VADEX got this area for grazing and has to keep in its original condition. No matter what original condition means, they built concrete-based stables and folds by chopping down plenty of trees.

Authorities reported in January that no constructions has been started this area and gave Mészáros’s Búzakalász 66 Kft. a permission to keep his later deported cattles here. The permission was given to Mészáros this March, even though Göbölpuszta residents said the territory around their homes was turned in to the current condition last year. As locals say, this area is planned to be an experimental farm for Mészáros’s football academy named after the famous player Ferenc Puskás and which builds a stadium in Felcsút from public funds.

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