We take the MotoGP case to Strasbourg

According to a Government decree in 2009 state-owned Hungarian Development Bank (Magyar Fejlesztési Bank, MFB) would have provided a 15.3 bn HUF credit with 80 percent guarantee of the state to build MotoGP track in Sávoly, while state-owned Hungarian National Tourist Office (Magyar Turizmus Zrt.) would have paid a further ca. 20 bn HUF for the right to organise Grand Prix in the next ten years.

The government decision was based on a KPMG study, which was considered confidential business information and not published even on request by the government or the state-owned, credit-providing bank. The case went along the Hungarian court; at least the Supreme Court in April 2011 (Supreme Court decision, PDF) rejected the data request, because the law on data protection allows the restriction of access to information of public concern “for central financial and currency policy interest”.

In the  appeal for Strasbourg, downloadable from here (PDF), with the help of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union I request the European Court of Human Rights to find whether the Republic of Hungary has breached the right of free access of information, stipulated in clause 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights by allowing the non-disclosure of data related to a project decided by the government, and financed by a state-owned bank.

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