FOIA request generator run by atlatszo-hu surpassed thousand requests

The number of freedom of information requests filed through KiMitTud, the public FOIA request service run by Atlatszo.hu, reached one thousand in less than a year. Filing a FOIA request is a good thing and it’s not hard to do it.

Atlatszo.hu’s tips on how to write a good FOIA request.

1. Write your request in a way to be able to file a lawsuit in case of a denied or not fulfilled request.

2. File the request under your real name. In case of a lawsuit the court will have to identify the person or legal entity whose request was denied or was not fulfilled.

3. Target your request wisely because the data custodian might be different from the authority who physically holds the records.

4. You don’t have the option to alter your request. A lawsuit can only be filed based on the text sent in the request letter. It is recommended to file a request with a date range for the records; using the common legal terms; in case of requesting more than one item provide a detailed explanation of what you are requesting; if you believe the request wasn’t specific enough, file it again, it doesn’t cost any money.

Read our how-to in Hungarian here.