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As our readers may know, atlatszo.hu runs on donations and we don’t accept money from state or municipality organisations, politicians, or companies which ownership is not clear. But we do accept funds from our readers or organisations that have clear background in order to make our site as self-supporting and transparent as possible. Journalism is our mission and we are wondering how many people would take part in this unique way of transparent financing. ‘One forint from a conscious citizen is worth more than a million from an oligarch’ – the old Hungarian proverb says and we totally agree with that.

In order to keep our fundraisers list transparent but anonym in the same time we built up a system with two opportunities. Individuals are able to donate maximum 50,000 HUF in a 12 month period and their names will be published only on their own request. Those who are willing to donate more, will be named on our website to keep our project transparent. Those who donate more than a half million forints in a year, have to sign a contract to make sure they will not try to manipulate our work.

Supporters are now able to back their favourite projects from a specific topic to the English translations. Donations might be transferred to the account of atlatszo.hu Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. at MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank, account number is 16200216-00141891. Funders are also able to use PayPal or Flattr services. There is also an opportunity to provide smaller but regular donations in 1000, 2000 or 5000 HUF via PayPal. It’s really important for us to present as many regular supporters as possible, to show community consideration around our work.

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