Felcsút mayor took the lands of Göbölpuszta from local residents

Alcsútdoboz- Göbölpuszta was the center of Archduke Joseph’s farms and is the home of 31 self-supporting families working in agriculture for generations. Last summer, Lőrinc Mészáros mayor of Felcsút and close friend of the Prime Minister Orban’s family warned the residents that they will have to liquidate all their cultivated plants and livestock. This happened months before state owned land lease tenders were announced in the autumn. Göbölpuszta residents they gathered up all their plants and Mészáros built folds on their place. That time rumours said that ‘all the area will go to Lőrinc Mészáros and Viktor Orbán.’ Many of the folds are still being unused while others became filled with hundreds of cows. Not only Göbölpuszta lands are now being rented by Mészáros: his last-year founded company won all the land leases around Alcsútdoboz on national tenders. This April Mészáros’s company called Búzakalász 66 Kft. bought the 11 hectare big farms from Csákvári Mezőgazdasági Zrt, proprietor of the former state farms. Göbölpuszta residents intended to buy them before Mészáros but they did not succeed. Now half of the lands around Göbölpuszta are owned or used by Lőrinc Mészáros, the other half belongs to Sándor Demján, the fourth wealthiest person of Hungary who is also in good relations with the Prime Minister. Göbölpuszta residents have lost most of their assets and now can hardly make a living in the shadow of the mayor of Felcsút, native village of Viktor Orban.

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