Hungarian Academy of Sciences investigated Ferenc Miskolczi’s controversial greenhouse theory

Ferenc Miskolczi, a Hungarian physicist who used to work for NASA, says empirical data proves that carbon dioxide emission has nothing to do with global warming. He does not doubt the existence of global warming, nor belittle the importance of conserving the environment, but he claims that international efforts to reduce CO2 pollution are wrong.

Miskolczi started his career in 1971 at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics of the National Meteorological Services in Hungary, and obtained outstanding results in the area of transmission of infrared radiation. In the ’80s, while working as a research associate at the European Centre for Theoretical Physics, he developed the “Hartcode” model, which is currently being used for calibrating radiation measurement instruments of satellites. In 2001, Miskolczi joined NASA’s Langley Research Center, where he started to develop his climate theory. In 2006 NASA did not consent to the publication of his results, so Miskolczi resigned from his position.

In January 2011 Geodetic and Geophysical Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) launched a one year long project to examine Miskolczi’s theory. Physicist Miklós Zágoni, author of the report claimed that he found no mathematical mistakes in Miskolczi’s work and validates the physicist’s statements about some serious deficiencies are present in the commonly recognized paradigms. ‘The present global-warming is not connected to the greenhouse-effect’, Zágoni said in an interview about the report for Magyar Narancs. But in the report’s conclusion Zágoni also affirms that Miskolczi’s results underpin the international efforts to restrain carbon dioxide emission. In Ferenc Miskolczi’s opinion the report shows the lack of professional expertise and objectivity. ‘Clearing up the connection between CO2 and global warming is of prime importance. Spending billions of dollars on the work of non-professional experts at the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a crime’, Miskolczi said.

Atlatszo.hu takes no position in the scientific and political debate related to Miskolczi’s theory, nor does it purport to have the expertise to do so. By publishing the report of Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute concerning Miskolczi’s theory, we are only discharging our duty: to inform the public and allow open and informed debate about what we believe to be matters of public concern and interest.

Miklós Zágoni: Critical examination of the research results of Miskolczi Ferenc – report, HAS – Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute (Hungarian, PDF)

Ferenc Miskolczi’s comments on the report by Miklós Zágoni (Hungarian, PDF)

Minutes of the January 17, 2011 meeting at the Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute (Hungarian, PDF)