Vote trafficking during the 2010 elections

The father of Máté Kocsis, member of parliament (Fidesz) and mayor of the 8th District of Budapest, was reprimanded for forgery of official documents. Sándor Kocsis, as a deputy mayor of Abaújlak, was participating in an action where just days ahead of the 2010 elections the number of inhabitants of Abaújlak increased by 30 voters (the total population of the town previously was a mere 90). Five people out of the 30 were registered in Mr. Kocsis’ house.

The 30 people, who were registered in eight different houses were living mainly in nearby Szikszó. The owners of the eight houses were privies as the people added to the registry were not habitually resident in their new addresses. Altogether there were 31 suspects in the trial. Mr Kocsis acknowledged the forgery.

The original Hungarian language article was published on 17 June 2013. The text was translated by atlatszo.hu volunteers.