Ex-defence property to be developed by an offshore company

Former shooting range in Érd town has recently been requalified for residential development. The locals get no say in the development which also raised environmental concerns as the surrounding fields are part of the strictly protected “Natura 2000” lands. Last summer Atlatszo.hu reported that Geoid Pld Kft. owned by the Delaware-based Berlink International Limited offshore company bought 16 hectares of ex-defence property on the outskirts of Érd. The offshore company behind Geoid was formerly owned by IMG Media Group Kft. as well, which is doing surprisingly well on government tenders since Fidesz Party came into power two years ago. The construction plans were now accepted, and the project was contracted with the municipality without the consideration of the views of the local residents; however, now they have 15 days to submit their opinions to the municipality.

Read the full text in Hungarian here.