Football bites the biggest from team sport grants

The internationally weak Hungarian football scene always has been the mostly supported team sport in the country. The half-year-old law-amendment which gives tax-allowance for companies supporting ’spectacular team sports’ (TAO) was originally aimed to help other branches as well, but finally retained football’s pole position in terms of their incomes. Although Hungarian football teams have been unable to show any spectacular results in the last decades unlike waterpolo or handball, Hungarian Football Federation gained a massive 6 billion HUF grant out of the 7.9 billion HUF total TAO-share since April. While the Waterpolo Federation got the smallest 196 million grant, ice-hockey, handball and basketball federations share sums between 388 and 484 million HUF. Hungarian Olympic Committee, independent from any branches obtained 122 million HUF in the last six months. Hungarian proverb seems to be true again: ‘Small football, big money.’