Hungarian Police reluctant to take action on kuruc.info

László Garamvölgyi, Hungarian Police spokesperson’s reasoning about the impossibility to take action against the California resident owner of rightwing extremist hate-site kuruc.info due to the different legal interpretation of freedom of speech is not true, our US resident source say. According to the American and State laws, producing anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic content lies under the First Amendment, but cybercrimes like abuse of personal data which causes direct threat on someone falls under the felony of cyberharassment or cyberstalking. Kuruc.info publishes personal data in purpose of threatening people, site owner Bela Varga offered a 75000 HUF bounty to identify some Jewish activists some weeks ago. Offenders of the acts listed upon can be sentenced for one year or fined. Life threatening  causes 5 year sentence and $250000 fine.

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