Lajos Simicska named as Közgép’s actual owner

We published the leaked document which admits Lajos Simicska, Fidesz- close businessman as the actual owner of the Közgép Zrt, a giant constructing industry firm. Simicska’s role in Közgép was kept in secret before, the former financial director of governing Fidesz party did not appear in media for years. The recently published file, signed by Miklós Németh, CEO of Közgép reveals the long time secret about the multi-billionare public fund- winner firm. Our recently published articles showed that the corrupt system of political party financing took power over giant constructing businesses. As calculations showed, Közgép won 200 billion forints on public procurement tenders since Fidesz had won the elections two years ago. Investgative journalists were not able to fully retrace the company’s background earlier.