Belváros-Lipótváros: Stealthing or compliance?

It seems that the Fifth District Municipality has improved its processing times.

In an unexpected step, almost immediately after the publication of our court application, the City Clerk sent us by email the list of residential properties of the Municipality that were sold, and at the same time asked for more time to compile a similar list for the non-residential (and thus usually far more valuable) properties. We sincerely hope that we will receive the remaining information of public interest before the first hearing of our court application, and thus we will not need to unnecessarily burden the courts with this matter. Whatever the case may be, it is profoundly disconcerting that City Hall does not have an up-to-date inventory of the properties owned and managed by the Municipality, nor was it able to prepare one in more than a month. 

The conduct of the Municipal Property Manager is even more curious: In a letter back-dated to July 15, 2011, but delivered by the postal services only today, it essentially refused to disclose the list of properties that have ceased to be managed by it. The company took the position that these properties are only managed by it, but owned by the Municipality. Needless to say, this does not change the fact that the property manager handles the required information, and has the duty to disclose it upon request. In light of the failure to disclose the information, the application commenced against the property manager will proceed.

Answer from the City Clerk (Hungarian)

List of residential properties of the Municipality that were sold (Hungarian, PDF)

Letter from the Municipal Property Manager (Hungarian, PDF)